百奥明公布2017亚洲营 养论坛详细内容BIOMIN Announces 2017 Asia Nutrition Forum Details

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Leading animal health and nutrition professionals along with researchers, academics and experts from the food and feed industries will gather in five cities: Dhaka, Delhi, Taipei, Wuxi, and Tokyo, from 23 October to 1 November 2017.
2017年10月23日至11月1日,顶尖动 物健康和营养专家以及食品和饲料行业的研究员、学者和 专家将汇聚于达卡、德里、台北、无锡和 东京等五个城市。


Held every two years, the Asia Nutrition Forum assembles hundreds of experts, researchers and academics from the food and feed industries around the world to address the latest challenges in the animal health and nutrition arena in Asia. It is the premier scientific assembly for connecting with peers, fostering partnerships and exchanging information, experiences and best practices.
每两年 举行一次的亚洲营养论坛汇集了来自全世界食品和饲料行业的数百名专家、研究员和学者,共同应 对亚洲动物健康和营养领域所面临的最新挑战。通过这 个一流的科学聚会,同行之 间可以进行相互联络,培育伙 伴关系和交流信息、经验和 最优的实践方法。


‘Driving the Asian Protein Economy’ will be the theme of this year’s forum. “As the world faces a projected population increase from today's 7.5 billion people to 9 billion people by 2050, the demand for food sources, especially protein, is on the rise. The highest growth in demand currently comes from Asia, which comprises a full 30% of the world's land area and 60% of the world's population. It is therefore imperative for the industry to stay informed of the latest technological advances, and to drive the production of quality, sustainable protein sources here in Asia,” said Marc Guinnement, Managing Director of BIOMIN Asia Pacific.
“驱动亚洲蛋白质经济”是今年论坛的主题。百奥明亚太区总裁Marc Guinnement谈到:“随着世 界人口预计将从目前的75亿增长至2050年的90亿,对食物来源、特别是 蛋白质的需求也在不断增长。目前需 求增长最快的地区是占世界陆地总面积30%和人口总数60%的亚洲。因此,食品和 饲料行业保持对最新技术发展的了解和推动亚洲高品质、可持续 蛋白质来源的生产势在必行。”


The 2017 Asia Nutrition Forum will offer top industry professionals the opportunity to explore the factors driving the future of the Asian protein economy. The plenary session will address key challenges in livestock industry, with a focus on the rising trend of antibiotic-free production in Asia. A panel of leading speakers will delve further into topics concerning poultry、swine and dairy production.
2017年亚洲 营养论坛将为行业顶尖专家提供良机,探索驱 动亚洲蛋白质经济未来的因素。全体大 会将探讨畜牧业所面临的核心挑战,聚焦亚 洲无抗生素生产的发展趋势。顶尖演 讲者们将在本次大会的无锡站,对家禽,生猪和 奶牛生产等主题进行深入探讨。


First held in 2005, the Asia Nutrition Forum hosted by BIOMIN has become the leading opportunity for industry practitioners to share ideas and exchange knowledge, alongside the World Nutrition Forum. These biennial summits are consistently well rated by attendees. Each edition draws upon the uniqueness of the location, speakers and participants while maintaining the highest quality standards for both content and organization.
由百奥 明主办的亚洲营养论坛于2005年首次举办,同世界营养论坛一样,目前该 论坛已经成为行业从业者分享理念和交流知识的首要途径。两年举 办一次的论坛得到了参会人士的一致好评。每一届 论坛都展现了举办地、演讲人 和与会人士的独特个性,同时在 内容和组织方面保持了一贯的最高质量标准。


Further details including venues, program and speakers will be made available on .
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This news item is relevant to poultry、swine and dairy.

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At BIOMIN we harness the power of science to support animal health and performance. By applying state-of-the-art and proprietary technology we deliver natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to the livestock industry. For over 30 years we have pioneered innovative solutions for mycotoxin risk management and gut performance. Naturally Ahead.
百奥明 利用科学的力量促进动物健康和生产性能。通过先 进技术和专利技术的应用,我们为 畜牧业提供天然、可持续 和可盈利的解决方案。30年来,我们在 霉菌毒素风险管理和肠道健康方面开拓发展出了创新性的解决方案。百奥明,引领自然。


Our in-house R&D program at the BIOMIN Research Center is staffed by over 100 scientific researchers and supported by eight Centers for Applied Animal Nutrition and a research network of 200 academic and research institutions globally. Our clients in the poultry, swine, cattle and aquaculture sectors are located in more than 100 countries worldwide.
我们的 百奥明研究中心所实施的内部研发项目有超过100名科研人员参与,由全球8家动物 营养应用中心和一个由200名学者 和研究机构所组成的研究网络提供支持。我们在家禽、生猪、反刍和 水产领域的客户遍布于世界100多个国家。



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